Advanced guidance for advanced procedures

The intuitive electronic guidance enables advanced interventional procedures such as CTO Re-entry, endovascular bypass, and fistula creation at the wrist for dialysis.

Pathfinder line sail  repeat pattern
Catheter Kit
over the wire system
Catheter Kit
Intuitive guidance directly shows catheter alignment
Catheter Display unit
Minimally Invasive
endoAVF Advantages
Stent grafts icon
Stent grafts show suitable patency in AVF salvage
reduction in surgery icon
Reducing surgical trauma means better outcomes
cost savings icon
86% cost savings

CTO True Lumen Re-entry

The patented ePATH Catheter Kit is an ultra low profile catheter system intended to facilitate the placement and positioning of guide wires and catheters within the peripheral vasculature

CTO Re-entry diagram