Endovascular Guidance
Improving outcomes for
vascular procedures

Pathfinder Medical is developing a novel electronic guidance system that will enable clinicians to connect blood vessels in a minimally invasive way.

This platform technology can provide a safer, more reliable way for patients to receive haemodialysis or bypass arterial blockages. Worldwide, these unmet clinical needs represent a £4.2 billion yearly available market

Novel electronic catheter guidance platform technology

Enables safe needle crossing and guidewire placement across vessels

Assistive technology for multiple indications

Vascular Access for Dialysis

3.4 Million

Dialysis patients
world wide


Surgical AVF
creations per year

Peripheral Arterial Disease

200 Million

patients globally
22-30m with most advanced stage (CTO)


amputations p.a.
in the US and UK


Sir George Macfarlane Medal Awarded

Sorin Popa awarded the Sir George Macfarlane Medal and named as one of the RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineers of the Year

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ERA Award Winner

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